What Important Factors Should You Consider Before Buying a Mobile Holder for your bike?

Various studies have shown that at least 23% of automobile accidents occur due to cell phones. While the figure primarily mentions car drivers and car accidents, it must not be forgotten that motorcycle drivers are also at increased risk of getting injured or getting killed while texting or using the phone while driving. Some rules state that when you receive or make a call while driving a bike, you should take it to one side of the road, stop the bike and attend to the phone. Do you know one of the best ways out? To use a mobile holder for a bike. The good thing is that many good and credible brands make these mobile holders, and most of them are available online, making it easy for you to search and buy one for your device.

What the important factors to consider when buying a cell phone holder?

mobile holder for your bike

For a safe drive on the road, it is important to invest in the right mobile holder. It is good to use one that is made especially for use on a bike.  Look for these features before buying one.

  1. Versatility – tthe holder should serve all-purpose. It means that the holder can be adjusted to fit in cell phones of all shapes and sizes. Not just that, ensure that the holder fits in multiple devices of all types and sizes, for example, tablets from different brands. Portability is an important feature too that aids you while you take the cell phone holder from your table to your bike and back to your room again.
  2. Material - It should be made from top-quality material – one of the reasons you invest in a good-quality cell phone holderis that it should be made from a strong material that can support the device viably. Most of the time, the material used for making such holders is aluminum alloys that are lightweight, strong, and resilient. Also, ensure that the holder has silicone pads and rubber cushions so that the device is well-protected on the road.
  3. Helps you carry out your work with ease – When you use the holder on the bike, it means that for most of the time, you would need to use your cell phone in hands-free mode. Thus, the device should be engineered to make work seamless and is not too difficult to handle while driving. If you need to check the direction or Google Maps, dial a number, or take a call, the holder should facilitate doing all the activities with ease.
  4. Adjustable feature – The holder should have ample screws and fixtures to help rotate the stand and adjust as per requirement. Credible manufacturers make holders that are rotable in a 360-degree direction. The holder should be capable of moving in the horizontal and vertical direction along with adjusting the height or the viewing angle of the holder. The adjustability feature should enable the device to be fixed at a comfortable level for you to read, call, or dial numbers.

Mobile holder Quality and Price

One of the things to do is to pay attention to the quality of the bike phone mount holder. Buying from a leading brand or seller should be your first choice. Research in-depth about the cell phone holder quality before buying. Also, ensure that you are being charged a fair and competitive price. Make a comparative study with other brands available before buying.

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